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Why Soodox Pain Relief?

Soodox Pain Relief Cream is Australian designed and made and specially formulated so it may provide symptomatic relief of mild conditions, it targets mild joint pain and muscular soreness. It’s inexpensive, non-greasy, virtually odour-free, and a breeze to use. Plus, its active ingredients are 100% naturally sourced. Soodox™ Pain Relief Cream is available in pharmacies or online for delivery right to your front door.

Soodox pain relief cream is non-greasy, easy to apply and contains only naturally sourced active ingredients. It’s not messy to use and its active ingredients can be applied where they’re required. Soodox™ pain relief cream is soft and gentle to the touch.

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Soodox™ for Women Pain Relief Cream

Soodox for Women Pain Relief Cream is formulated by women for women, creating a product that can be used anywhere and anytime. With a light lavender scent, it is designed to relieve symptomatic mild pain for women of all ages including:

  • Muscular soreness
  • Mild arthritic conditions
  • Mild joint Pain
  • Period Pain
  • Rheumatic Pain
  • Swelling
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